product details Master Precision with 2Create 3D Printer Experience the fusion of accuracy and versatility with the 2Create metal 3D printer. Its design encapsulates the essence of innovation, offering a gateway to advanced dental and research applications. Unmatched precision in printing enables the creation of detailed dental prosthetics and complex research models, elevating the standard … Continued

2Create Plus

product details Elevate Output with 2Create Plus Step into efficient production with 2create Plus. Its larger platform accommodates more varied parts, drastically boosting production efficiency. Aimed at robust dental manufacturing, it’s also a doorway to diverse industrial applications. Spacious 150 mm x 150 mm print area allows multiple different parts to be printed simultaneously, enhancing … Continued


product details After each print with the 2Create or 2Create Plus, cleaning is essential. Brush the powder into the overflow; this powder can be reused. However, remaining powder particles must be vacuumed for cleanliness. That’s where 2Clean comes into play. It ensures safe powder vacuuming with a cyclone separator ensuring no particle loss. Powered by … Continued


product details Clean your metal powder to achieve perfect printing qualities Clean your powder before use. Contaminants that occur in the overflow powder during the printing process are filtered out. This ensures high powder quality even with used powders and increases the quality of your components. The ultrasonic sieving technology The sieving material (powder) is … Continued


product details The Nitrogen generator 2N2 use Membrane technology. They are engineered to transform standard compressed air into a safe, regulated supply of Nitrogen up to 70 L/min with a purity up to 99.9%. The generator produces a continuous flow of Nitrogen with Laser grade in 24/7 production process worldwide, even under the most challenging … Continued