Installation von 2CREATE bei unserem neuen Kunden Creacam

We at 2onelab are excited to share news about recent installation of our 3D Metal Printer, 2CREATE, at Creacam.

At the beginning of this year we installed our 2CREATE at Creacam,
an innovative dental lab with over a decade of experience. They’ve consistently stayed ahead of the curve, known for using the latest dental technology and providing the best services. And it was a real honour for us, at 2onelab, to work with them.


Our Development, Your Success

2CREATE is already making a big impact. As they have mentioned, they’re printing two shifts a day, which shows how efficient and capable the 2CREATE printer is. They’ve noticed that they can now make parts that were impossible to create with traditional milling methods. Complex shapes and intricate designs are no problem anymore.

As Creacam’s team shared

"We have been milling for 10 years and always try to keep up to date with technical changes and constantly expand our range."

This dedication to innovation is what makes us proud to work with such a forward-thinking customer.


Looking Ahead

We hope this installation is just the beginning. Together, we aim to continue driving forward in the world of dental technology, achieving new heights and setting new standards. 


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