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Metal 3D printing of CoCr as a competitive advantage in the dental lab, lower costs & great added value.

About our Partner Era Medikal

Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Era Medikal Dental laboratories is dedicated to excellence across the dental sector. Founded by 3 dental technicans in 2007, the company quickly established a strong reputation as one of the world’s leading technology integration companies throughout the dental market, facilitating end-to-end integrated digital technology solutions for both dental laboratories and clinical practices.

Ergün Erdem has over 25 years of expertise as a dentist and thus possesses comprehensive expert knowledge. Data capture, design software, and complete manufacturing capabilities using subtractive and additive manufacturing, metal 3d printing of (CoCr) parts. 

Interoral scanner for capturing the anatomy in preparation for dental printing. During the initial digitization and planning phases, the patient’s anatomy is digitally recorded using optical 3D scanners to ensure that every unique detail is noted. Dental practices then send the convention impression, otherwise known are plaster models, to dental laboratories where they are digitized by desktop optical 3D scanners. The anatomical structure of a patient can also be taken with an intraoral scanner, depending on the practice and patient’s wants.
3d printed metal parts


At Era Medikal Dental, our mission is to provide end-to-end solutions that extend well beyond equipment distribution to provide comprehensive support through knowledge transfer specific to the dental market. The Era Medikal team has diverse doctors, dental technicians, and engineers who provide customers with the right products for their needs. They offer diagnostics and orthodontics such as braces or implants to replace missing teeth; they also specialize in prosthesis – including jaw wiring.


Era Medikal Dental is committed to providing the highest quality solutions and collaborating with trusted partners for high-quality scanning equipment, CAD/CAM design software, and manufacturing systems. We utilize milling machines and additive manufacturing processes such as metal 3D printing or laser marking when needed! When Ergün Erdem heard about 2CREATE metal 3d printing machine, his interest was immediately piqued, and he met with the team from 2oneLab to learn more. This cost-effective metal additive manufacturing system features accessible technology that dentists can use in their practices without any investment! As a result, a strong partnership has been forged whereby 2oneLab is now a very important — and strategic — supplier for Era Medikal dental lab.

According to Mr. Abdurahman: ” Era Medikal specializes in the digital manufacturing supply chain for dental laboratories and clinics from scanners to CAD design software and CAM software through to milling machines, laser sintering machines for metal as 2oneLab is producing and 3D printing machines for plastic. This is our main area of expertise focused on the Turkey dental market as well as those in Albania and Kosovo.”

2Build 3d metal printer


The 2CREATE metal 3d printing machine quickly became a fundamental part of the solutions that Era Medikal provides to its clients, and it was immediately apparent that it met a critical need. This small footprint, with easy doorways, makes this system one-of-a-kind in class. One of the most popular metal AM is Era Medikal’sMedikal’s All Modern Line. It has been highly successful because it produces reliability. Moreover, quality parts in market-specific materials, which can be intimidating to adopt for clinics like era medical company excels at supporting their customers through knowledge transfer as well as training them on how best to use this machine type properly so that its performance will not fail under pressure from doctors’ needs during busy workdays or emergencies.  


The Digital Dental Market has been undergoing a dramatic shift in recent years. The introduction of digital technology and its adoption by clinicians is one reason why this change has happened so suddenly. Still, it also serves patients better with streamlined workflows that cater directly to their needs. “The most demanded printing jobs are dental caps with over 90 percent and dental bars.” Mr. Abdurahman said.


The business case for Era Medikal Dental’s inclusion of the 2CREATE in its dental solution portfolio, specifically in the case of the financial incentives for its dental clients, is clear, according to Mr. Abdurahman. The economics add up, taking a couple of different applications for which the 2CREATE is commonly used. First dental caps, which are customized and relatively complex in geometry terms, although small and require a good surface finish.

Based on sales cost of €8 per unit, with monthly volumes typically around 5280 units and taking into account capital costs, the fees of the CoCr powder, as well as other fixed running costs, and conservatively assuming a production rate of 240 units per day (using 1.1 g of CoCr per unit) the return on investment (ROI) can be achieved in less than three months at full capacity. At 50% capacity, ROI is typically achieved within six months.


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