2BUILD The powerful & sophisticated CAM solution for 3D printing.

Additive Manufacturing Software

2BUILD Integrated Software Solution

The integrated 3D additive manufacturing software solution that streamlines the workflow from 3D Part to successful print​.

Print what you want in exactly the way you want.

We reduce preparation time, optimize your printing results, and minimize post-processing for a faster workflow.

Strategy Editor

Print strategies are the recipe for 3D printing. For each type of powder, also depending on the manufacturer, an adapted printing strategy is required.

  • Easy creation of new print strategies
  • Cloud-based management of print strategies (auto update of new strategies)
  • Complete control over all parameters (hatching, contour)

Support Editor

The right support structures are crucial for successful 3D printing. Our sofftware gives you full control over the right supports.

  • Automatic support generation based on part properties
  • Manual support design and removal
  • Cloud-based management of support strategies.

Design of Experiments

Developing new printing strategies is time-consuming and complicated? Not with our strategy development feature.

  • Smart and automated generation of DoEs for any process parameter
  • automatic part density calculation based on micrographs (based on smart image recognition)
  • calculation of the optimal working point and graphical evaluation of the results

Full Integration

Our software allows the import of the most common 3D file formats. Besides STL, the 3mf format integration is a core feature. This gives us maximum compatibility to your integration requirements.

  • CLI import & G-code conversion
  • Export of all native elements created in the software

Your requirement is not supported so far?

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G-CODE Approach

If you want to offer a transparent solution for 3D printing, you also have to be transparent with the exchange format. Our software exports the print data in G-CODE format. Each laser line is represented by a simple G-command. The same goes for the setting of the laser, BeamExpander and laser speed. Effects can be easily reproduced this way.

You want to manipulate the G-code yourself to integrate it into your environment? — No problem, just do it!


Manage all data, strategies and settings in one central location? This is possible with our solution 2Connect. Here you can manage all strategies centrally in the market place.

If we have developed a new strategy for a new powder, you can simply obtain it free of charge via the marketplace and integrate it into your software. The software automatically synchronizes itself online and brings your process parameters up to date. Simply fast, efficient.

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2Build Strategy Editor

A variety of 3D printing strategies can be chosen in the strategy editor. The software allows full control over the exposure process. Various hatching, contour and finishing strategies settings are available. Strategies can be created and managed by the user as desired. The intuitive concept of individual color coding allows the new strategy to be applied to the model with a few clicks. Clear, simple and intuitive.

Besides line hatching, the editor also offers the possibility for island or stripe exposure. The contour drive can also be defined as desired.
Newly created strategies are syncronized directly in the cloud and can be accessed from different devices.

2Build Support Editor

In 3D printing, the supports fulfill several important functions.
They attach the component to the surface of the build platform and thus prevent thermal deformation. In addition, the supports ensure heat transport during printing. The heat generated by the melting of the powder must be dissipated via the supports, since the non-melted powder is a very good thermal insulator. In the support editor, all properties of the supports can be freely selected. In addition to the thickness and density of the supports, the bond to the component can also be adjusted. An intelligent integrated algorithm adjusts the number of supports so that only as many supports are generated as are necessary for reliable printing.
This saves time and money during postprocessing.

The 2oneLab G-Code Approach

G-code (also RS-274) is the most widely used computer numerical control (CNC) programming language. It is used mainly in manufacturing to control automated machine tools like CNC milling machines.

It is the high distribution of this format that makes it perfect for easy and transparent data transmission. Other manufacturers of AM systems take a different approach: the actual strategy is encrypted and only applied to the sliced data in the printer. The CAM software therefore only transmits slicing data and not complete laser paths. We take a different approach and help you to fully understand and control the 3D printing process.
					N3 G607 0.040 // beam expander position set to 0.040mm
N4 G600 50 // laser power set to 50%
N9 F 1000 // laser speed set to 1000mm/s
Following commands for turning laser on and off:
N10 M45 // turn laser on
N15 M46 // turn laser off
Exemplary commands laser movement
N11 G01 X-10.000 Y-10.000 Z0.000 
N12 G01 X10.000 
N13 G01 Y10.000 
N14 G01 X-10.000 
N19 G02 X-10.000 Y-10.000 Z0.500 I5.000 J7.000 
N20 G03 Y10.000 I-5.000 J7.000

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